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Hey Wanna Try Some - Labrador Car/ Door/ Fridge/ Laptop Sticker V1


Hey Wanna Try Some - Labrador Car/ Door/ Fridge/ Laptop Sticker V1

Dog: Would you like to go see a movie together? 

Owner: Ok, What we going to watch?

Dog: Disney? 

 It's a perfect gift for Pet Lovers

This car sticker/decal will be a funny thing and prefect gift for Pet Lovers!
Decorate your car/house with our cute sticker and bring a "WOW" to your friends.
Our stickers are made of high quality, waterproof and durable vinyl.
The stickers are also removable so you can remove them easily when you want to.
Just get one and see how adorable it is!
Material: PVC
Feature: Self-adhesive, Water Resistant and Removable without residue remaining on your surface.

Brand: Follus


1. Transparent sticker: We use Transparent 3D Printing Technology for this type. In order to have a nice look for this type of sticker, it should be used on a white or silver vehicle/ background.
2. Standard sticker :With this type of sticker you can stick it on any surface and background color, and it will have a small black line outside the designs.

- 10.6" x 9.5" (27 x 24 cm)
- 15" x 11.8" (38 x 30 cm )
Stickers will stick to any smooth and flat surface such as: walls, window, doors, glass, cabinets, appliances, latop.. etc. Please clear the surface before you stick it.